What is the Cause of My Rabbit Shaking?

What is the cause of your rabbit’s shaking? Here are some common reasons. A rabbit’s agitation can also be caused by fear. If your rabbit shakes uncontrollably, it could be scared of something, such as fireworks.

Another cause could be a predator in your rabbit’s environment, such as through a window. If you suspect your rabbit is scared, you should investigate the situation and take appropriate action.

What is the Cause of My Rabbit Shaking


Rabbits shake when they’re happy or fearful. Shaking can be a sign that your rabbit is suffering from ear mites or lice. Lice feed on soft skin, and rabbits’ ears are no exception. Consequently, if your rabbit shakes when laying down or when you’re coming home, it may be infected.

There are several possible causes of a rabbit’s seizures. Some may only occur occasionally or limit themselves to a single episode. Other conditions may be more serious, including inner ear infections.

The best option for treatment is to consult a veterinarian immediately. Your veterinarian can perform specific tests that may rule out other causes of rabbit shaking and recommend the best treatments for your pet. In many cases, a veterinarian can determine the cause of the seizures and make the appropriate recommendations for your pet’s health.

A wet chin may be a sign of a tooth problem. Your rabbit may have malocclusion, a disorder of its teeth. This condition can lead to tooth decay and infections of the jaw bone. Severe cases may require tooth trimming or teeth pulling.

A loss of balance can also be an indicator of an inner ear infection. Rabbits who suffer from this condition often suffer from a head tilt and are prone to infections. If your rabbit exhibits any of these symptoms, seek medical treatment immediately.

If you notice your rabbit shaking, it’s probably shaking. Your rabbit may also have a hard or distended stomach. In some cases, this can be a sign of arthritis or a mobility problem. If your rabbit has diarrhea and/or abnormally small fecal pellets, you should contact a veterinarian right away. And don’t be surprised if your rabbit has a twisted or distended stomach.

Your rabbit may be fearful of strangers. It can be frightening for a newcomer, so it’s best to avoid touching it or rubbing it until it’s accustomed to the new person’s scent and presence. Try to keep your rabbit in a secluded room, away from children and dogs. Even if you’re not worried, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Causes Of Rabbit Shaking

What are the Causes of Rabbit shaking? Rabbits shake for several reasons, some of which may require urgent veterinary attention. Rabbits may also tremble due to emotional reasons. Once you identify the cause, you can take steps to help your rabbit feel more comfortable.

An infection can also cause a rabbit to shake its head. It can be caused by bacterial or ear mites. Treatment for these infections may include antibiotics and fluid therapy. If your rabbit has an inner ear infection, it may shake its head excessively. If the shaking is due to a bacterial infection, it may also be a sign of stroke. Treatment for this condition depends on the type of infection.

Other causes of rabbit shaking include an ear infection and a bacterial infection. Bacterial infections often start in the external ear and spread through the Eustacian tube, middle ear, and inner ear. Infected rabbits will exhibit symptoms of vertigo, head tilting, circling, and eye movement. Once the infection has spread, it can be difficult to treat or prevent. If you notice these signs in your rabbit, it is important to take it to a vet immediately.

Another possible cause of rabbit shaking is an excessive amount of flea treatment, such as Frontline, which may lead to increased fecal excretion. While these treatments can cause excessive shaking in rabbits, it is important to remember that these medications should be given only to pets with the symptoms.

If your rabbit begins to shake excessively, you should consult a veterinarian for immediate medical attention. The condition may also be a sign of a serious health problem.

Sometimes, rabbits shake due to the pain they feel in their legs. When you pick them up, they may kick their hind legs. If you can’t figure out why your rabbit is shaking, you can try a simple medication that relieves pain.

A rabbit can also develop a fever due to an infection in their throat. You can also try giving your rabbit medication to ease the pain in their legs. You can also use a massager or hot water if your rabbit is shaking.

What is the Cause of My Rabbit Shaking


If your rabbits are showing symptoms of shaken-up condition, you should take them to the vet right away. If you notice that your rabbits are sneezing or have runny eyes, this could mean that they are suffering from an upper respiratory infection.

If your rabbit is shaking and has white discharge from the eye, he should see a vet immediately for treatment. If you notice other symptoms like runny eyes or a blocked tear duct, you should go to the vet as soon as possible.

A veterinarian should check your rabbit if he is shaking due to a parasitic infection. Unlike cats, rabbits can be affected by worms and fleas, which can affect the rabbit’s nervous system. This can cause clumsiness and disorientation in the animal.

If you notice your rabbit shaking while he is laying down, it’s time to consult a veterinarian. In many cases, prolonged periods of stress can trigger shaking behaviors. Some rabbits also avoid touch and exhibit unwarranted aggression.

Aside from heat stroke, temperature changes can cause your rabbit to tremble. A cold compress applied to the animal’s skin will help it feel better. A damp pillow or sheet can also be applied to the animal’s body. Avoid using ice, as this can harm your rabbit. It’s also important to cool the animal as quickly as possible. If your animal continues shaking, it may be experiencing a seizure.

There are several causes of shaking in rabbits, including exposure to poisonous plants. Poisons like ivy, foxglove, and rhubarb can cause shaking. Your pet may also experience breathing problems, lethargy, and abdominal pain. While you’re waiting to learn whether your rabbit is suffering from seizures, you should seek immediate veterinary attention. This way, you can treat the condition and keep your pet healthy.


One of the most common causes of rabbit shaking is handling or picking them up. As prey animals in the wild, rabbits use their hearing to detect predators and their strong legs to run away.

This fear of being picked up and tossed around in the air can cause a rabbit to shake uncontrollably. Prevention of rabbit shaking is crucial to avoid the development of a serious condition. Follow these tips to prevent your pet from shaking uncontrollably.

Several causes of rabbit shaking may cause this behavior. First, a rabbit suffering from hiccups may be shaking uncontrollably. Luckily, these spasms last for less than 20 minutes. Otherwise, you may want to consult your veterinarian to determine what is causing the shaking.

If you find that your rabbit is shaking before lying down, however, you should be wary of possible underlying health problems. You should avoid introducing a new diet to a rabbit suffering from pain, as this is an indication of an illness or injury.

Symptoms of rabbit shaking may vary from animal to animal. A rabbit with head tilt may have a severe health condition. If it is suffering from ear mites, then you should remove the infected ear or treat the problem immediately. However, twitching rabbits may also be suffering from gastrointestinal stasis, a potentially fatal condition. In this case, bad bacteria in the digestive tract build up and release gas.

What is the Cause of My Rabbit Shaking

Another cause of rabbit shaking may be dental problems. Whether or not you notice your rabbit’s shaking, you should first determine if your pet has dental problems. Whether it’s a malocclusion, overgrown teeth, or an abscess, the underlying cause may be the same. In these cases, your rabbit will be less likely to eat a hard-boiled food or a meal with seeds.

Ear mites are another common cause of rabbit shaking. Mites live in the ears of rabbits and are often found near the pinnae. These parasites are extremely uncomfortable for rabbits and can also lead to severe discomfort. Though mites are not common in indoor rabbits, transferring them from one pet to another is a common cause of rabbit shaking. When mites cause these symptoms, your rabbit should see a veterinarian as soon as possible.