What Are The Noisiest Breeds Of Rabbits?

If you’ve ever had a rabbit as a pet, then you’ve probably been kept awake at night by your rabbit’s loud noises. Rabbits can be very noisy animals if they are scared, not feeling well, or even just excited about their surroundings. So, just how loud can rabbits actually get? Here are some of the noisiest breeds that have likely kept you up at night…

What Are The Noisiest Breeds Of Rabbits

Belgian Hare

Belgian Hare (Lapin d’Argent): This large rabbit, with a silvery coat and black-tipped ears and paws, is one of the most docile breeds. They love human company and are great with kids—often sitting right on your lap.

They’re also very easygoing in terms of noise level; Belgian Hares make only a few vocalizations, like grunts or squeaks, when they’re content or excited. This makes them ideal for first-time rabbit owners who want to get into petting or breeding, but aren’t sure if they can handle a raucous rabbit like an English Lop or Dwarf Hotot.

Though this breed requires more space than most other indoor rabbits (4 square feet per adult), it’s still good for apartment living. Because its size makes it less likely to damage furniture and walls than some other breeds would be. Plus, its quiet demeanor means you won’t have to worry about waking up the neighbors when you bring home your new pet!

Himalayan Rabbit

The Himalayan rabbit is commonly known as one of the loudest breeds of rabbits. If you are looking for a quiet pet, this is not it!

The reason the Himalayan rabbit can be so loud is because when they are scared or not feeling well, their heart rate and breathing increases, which causes them to breathe through their mouth.

Which means more noise for you! It also means that if you are looking for a pet that will sit quietly on your lap while you read or watch TV, then this may not be the best choice either.

But don’t worry—the Himalayan does have its pros as well! This breed tends to get along well with children and other household pets (such as dogs), which makes it an excellent choice if you have both kinds of animals in your home already.

What Are The Noisiest Breeds Of Rabbits

Dutch Rabbit

Dutch rabbits are known for being very outgoing, friendly, and playful. They have a tendency to get along well with people, other pets, and other rabbits. This doesn’t mean they can’t be loud or aggressive, though—they can be!

Florida White Rabbits

Florida White Rabbits are known for their loud bark, but they’re also the Sunshine State White Rabbit. This breed was originally developed in Florida and has a reputation for being aggressive and territorial.

Unless you know what you’re doing when it comes to rabbits, this is not a good choice of rabbit for first time owners. They can be very noisy, especially during mating season, and don’t get along with other animals well at all!

Mini Lop Rabbit

The Mini Lop Rabbit is a cross between a lop and a mini. They are known for their floppy ears and long ears, which make them unique as compared to other breeds of rabbits. They are also known for their high-pitched voices that can be heard from across the room.

Mini Lops are very friendly animals, but they do require lots of attention and care when it comes to grooming. Their loud call can be annoying if you’re concerned with noise levels in your home!

What Are The Noisiest Breeds Of Rabbits

Flemish Giant Rabbit

If you’re willing to take on a challenge and want the loudest rabbit there is, then this is the breed for you. The Flemish Giant can be aggressive, weigh up to 15 lbs and be difficult to house train. They may also destroy furniture and toys, as well as being hard to handle and litter train.

However, they do make good pets if handled properly at a young age by someone who knows how else they are trained properly.

Something To Consider…

Rabbits are generally quiet, but they can be loud if they’re scared or not feeling well. Some breeds of rabbits are naturally louder than others. It’s important to remember that all rabbits can be loud if they’re scared or not feeling well.

In general, the following things may cause a rabbit to become noisy:

  • A respiratory infection (e.g., sore throat)
  • A toothache

In conclusion, rabbits are not particularly noisy animals. They tend to be very quiet and calm creatures who only vocalize when they’re scared, hurt, or sick. It’s better not to breed them at all.

Rather than keeping them in confined spaces where they can’t run away from predators like hawks and snakes. That said, some breeds make more noise than others so keep this list handy when choosing your next rabbit friend!