How To Tell If Your Pet Rabbit Is Communicating With You?

Rabbits are one of the most popular pets in the world. Known for their fluffy fur and adorable ears, rabbits can be great companions to humans. They are intelligent, playful animals that make a great addition to any family.

This means they have a lot of ways to communicate with their owners too! In this post we’ll go over how rabbits communicate through behavior, so you know what your bunny is trying to tell you!

How To Tell If Your Pet Rabbit Is Communicating With You

Eating Your Clothes

Eating your clothes is a sign of affection from your rabbit. Rabbits are naturally curious and will chew on anything they can get their teeth into. They will also eat just about anything, as herbivores and social animals, rabbits have an urge to gather in groups and share food with each other.

For these reasons, it’s important for you to keep your rabbit’s diet healthy by providing him with fresh foods like vegetables, hay and pellets made from grains such as oats or barley.

The problem is that many people give their rabbits treats that aren’t good for them, such as chocolate bars or ice cream cones! If you want to give your pet some delicious treats every now and then (and let’s be honest here: who doesn’t?), try feeding him carrots instead of cookies—not only are they healthier, but they won’t make him sick either.

Yawning and Licking

Yawning and licking are two of the most common ways that rabbits communicate with each other. They both mean “hello” or “I’m comfortable with you.” If your rabbit is yawning or licking you, it means that they feel safe and content in your presence.

If your pet rabbit has been sleeping a lot lately and not eating much, this may be an indication that they’re not feeling well. You should take them to the vet immediately if this is the case!

How To Tell If Your Pet Rabbit Is Communicating With You

Laying On You

When your rabbit lays on you it’s a sign of bonding. This is especially true if your rabbit only does this when you’re holding them or petting them, meaning they require some sort of attention in order to get close to you.

It’s not uncommon for rabbits to bond with their owners, but there are also other reasons why they might want to be near you: comfort, trust and love.


Nipping is the most common way a rabbit communicates. It can be frustrating to witness, but your bunny’s actions are often not meant as an attack on you or your other family members. Rather than trying to hurt you, rabbits use nips for several reasons: dominance, affection and frustration.

How To Tell If Your Pet Rabbit Is Communicating With You

Quick Rests

Quick rests are another way to tell that your rabbit is happy. When you think of a rest, you probably think of a long sleep on the couch or in bed. Rabbits don’t sleep for very long periods of time at all, so it’s more common to see them take quick naps throughout the day.

However, if your rabbit is feeling affectionate towards you and wants to sit near you for a few seconds as he relaxes, this can also be classified as resting! Rabbits will often give quick rests when they’re scared or nervous, too—and this could be considered communication because they’re letting you know how they feel about something.

Grooming Behavior

Grooming behavior is a sign of affection in rabbits. Your rabbit will groom you, other animals and even itself for many reasons, but mainly to keep clean and remove loose fur. Rabbits have scent glands under their chin and around the anus, so they are able to mark you as theirs.

You may notice your rabbit cleaning or grooming you by licking and biting at your skin or clothes when you first put on a new shirt (most likely because it has unfamiliar odors).

This is not aggression; rather, it’s meant to “test out” the new smells on you! If this happens, don’t worry—they aren’t trying to hurt anyone (except maybe another male who comes close enough).

Rabbits will also groom each other for social bonding purposes; however, there are times when excessive grooming could indicate an underlying medical issue such as poor diet or illness (this can also happen with dogs).

How To Tell If Your Pet Rabbit Is Communicating With You

Jumping for Joy

If you’ve ever had a rabbit, you know how energetic and excitable they are. If your pet rabbit is jumping up and down in the air like they just won the lottery, it’s likely because they are very happy to see you.

Rabbits will also jump to show affection and excitement with their owners (often referred to as “binky” or “binkies”). Jumping is an incredibly expressive way for rabbits to communicate their emotions—they’re basically like giant cats in this regard!

Rabbits have a wide range of reasons for jumping; this behavior can mean anything from dominance, fearfulness, affection, or happiness. Generally speaking, though: if your pet bunny hops up on his hind legs with his front paws against your chest or face? That’s a good thing!


Rabbits are very social animals, and they communicate with each other through a variety of different behaviors. They also communicate with humans! You may not think that your rabbit is trying to tell you anything, but he or she can communicate in several ways.

First, rabbits use body language – the way that they hold their bodies – to tell us what they’re feeling. If your rabbit seems tense, this could mean that he or she is afraid of something (like being picked up). In this case, you should try speaking softly and gently petting him or her until s/he feels better.

All of the behaviors we’ve discussed today are signs of your rabbit communicating with you. They might be telling you that they’re happy, sad, hungry, or even stressed out.

That’s why it’s important to spend time interacting and observing your pet bunny on a regular basis! This will help you understand what your furry friend is “saying” when she communicates with you through her body language.